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About Us


 ​Do you  have a family member that has passed, placed in a nursing home or  personal care facility, are you moving or are simply downsizing?

Chances  are you are left to deal with the contents of an entire home. The mere  thought might be exhausting. Let us at B&R Estate Liquidation help  you. We at B & R Estate Liquidation, will do a complete estate or  moving sale. We bring in our own tables and set up  a market place in  your home where people come in and shop; the concept works VERY well.
We  have conducted 100’s of sales and in the Prescott area and we will  serve you well. Our estate sales are on-premise, carefully managed and  detail oriented.
Your sale will be run in a professional and dignified manner.

We  take pride in the fact that typical estate liquidation results in the  sale of 70% to 90% of house contents. We leave the home empty and ready  to list, sell or move into.


  • My  company is  fully insured. We work on a commission basis. The  commission is based on gross sales only. There are no set-up, clean-up  or research fees. The client is responsible for the exact cost of  newspaper advertising and any dump related fees. There is no charge for  formulating or placing the advertisement or transport to the dump. No  money is due up front and a full accounting will be given for sales  & expenditures at the end of the sale. Please note we will not  itemize individual sales just daily totals.
    deliver you the best service in the industry.